Rowbikes are available for purchase at Lake Fayetteville Boat and Bike:
  • Authorized dealer
  • Assembly included
  • No shipping fees
  • Free tune-ups for the first month
  • One riding instruction included
Find out why rowing - a low impact total body workout - is so effective and fun:
  • Riding through wind generates a natural high that indoor exercise machines can't match
  • You'll be burning approximately 50 percent more calories than ordinary exercise bikes
  • Delivers twice the cardio benefits of fitness bikes -- in less than half the time!
  • Provides a low impact cardio exercise (ideal for runners with knee injuries)
  • Total body conditioning including an outstanding core workout and a full body stretch
  • Burn more calories per hour as jogging but without the stress on your hips, joints, knees and back


  • $2,495

More information about Rowbikes is available on the Rowbike website.