Online Project Tracking


You can track the status of some projects from the City's website, such as private development review, building permits, and inspections.

All development and permitting requests are public information and are available for public review on the website or in the Development Services building. A paper copy of all requests are still available in the Development Services building for public review, and staff is available for further assistance.

Development Review

The Development Services Department now offers a digital submittal (e-submittal) process. This option is intended to increase convenience for developers and citizens and to decrease cost and waste associated with the standard paper submittal. Projects being reviewed through the e-submittal option can be viewed on the City FTP website. (Click link, Development Review, Technical Plat Review, then Agenda to review newest submittals.)

Projects are organized in electronic folders by the City's schedule of meetings. Each file includes a description of the project, the required plans, and requested revisions from each Division that participates in the development review process.
Church Site blueprint plan
View of an unfinished building with only beams for walls

Permits and Inspections

Upon processing of a building permit application, the Building Safety Division will provide the applicant with a permit number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This information can be entered into the City's Building Inspection System to check on the status of building permit approvals. Inspection results can also be tracked through this site.