Services We Provide


The Fayetteville Fire Department is responsible to prepare for, respond to, and control all types of fires within the City of Fayetteville. The department coordinates firefighting activities, including suppression, to support local agencies involved in rural and urban firefighting.  The Fayetteville Fire Department  conducts an extensive fire-training program for its employees. Firefighters are given progressive training in the techniques and science of fire control as they advance through their careers. Professional Development and higher education is encouraged for all employees.  Fire fighting requires the most resources and has the greatest potential for loss of life and property


Emergency Medical Services

Fayetteville has a two-tier EMS system—with the Washington County Regional Ambulance Authority (Central EMS) providing transportation to area hospitals. Our fire fighters provide the first-tier of the emergency response, including scene control, patient assessment, stabilization and treatment in anticipation of transport.  All of our front line apparatus provide basic life support to the community.

Our Department has 119 emergency medical technicians and  all of our apparatus are equipped with automatic external defibrillators for rapid electrical therapy delivery to those cardiac patients that require it. 



The Haz-Mat team is comprised of 30 personnel trained to the Technician Level and supported by the remainder of the department who are trained to the Operations Level. We are also supported by and train with teams from surrounding departments and the 61st Civil Support Team out of Little Rock.

The team is divided into 5 groups: Air monitoring/Sampling, Protective Equipment, Communications/Research, Decontamination and Spill Control with two specialists in charge of each group.

We respond not only in Fayetteville, but when requested, anywhere in Northwest Arkansas. In addition to emergency mitigation, team members will conduct air monitoring at events where a large number of people are present.


Technical Rescue (TRT)

45 team members are highly trained in rope rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue and structural collapse. 

Technical Rescue Team members also receive technician level training in heavy vehicle/machinery extrication and antenna/tower rescue.


Swift Water Rescue

Equipped with wet suits, personal flotation devices, helmets, and specially designed water rescue devices, the department’s Swift Water Rescue personnel have the ability to perform land-based water rescues, as well as to perform water-based rescues, in order to save victims trapped in natural and man-made waterways. The Swift Water Rescue Team members are trained to conduct a search or rescue using two Zodiac boats, swimming out to a victim, walking out to a victim using team members, make a rescue using one of the department's three ladder trucks, as well as building rope systems to access trapped victims in vehicles or trees. They have the ability to accomplish these rescues anytime of the year, regardless of the weather.


Airport Rescue

Station 8 is located on S School Avenue and houses the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) apparatus. This station is unmanned except for incoming flights of commercial airlines. Station 6 and Station 3 cover this station when there is any type of aircraft emergency. Everyone assigned to these stations are ARFF Certified.


Honor Guard

The Fayetteville Fire Department Honor Guard was established in 2002. The mission of the Honor Guard is to exhibit honor, respect, and tradition at funerals and ceremonies. When first formed it consisted of six members consisting of two Captains, two Drivers, and two Firefighters. These members provide the posting of colors at funerals for retired and current members of the Fayetteville Fire Department. They have also been invited to perform the ringing of the bell ceremony at funerals of other fire service members of Northwest Arkansas. Currently the Honor Guard is made up of two founding members and six other members.